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Exceptional Children Transportation For Parents
Cumberland County Schools
1014 Gillespie Street
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EC Transportation: 910. 678.2583

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Please direct ALL questions to your child’s School Principal and/or EC Case Teacher.
For unresolved questions, the following contacts may be helpful.

Cumberland County Schools
(910) 678.2300

Exceptional Children Office
(910) 678.2430

Early-In Office (Pre-K)
(910) 484.6761

EC Transportation Office
(910) 678.2583/2584

EC Transportation Supervisor
(910) 678.2696

Further Questions and Concerns:
If you have additional questions or concerns about your child’s transportation, you may call your child’s EC Case Manager at their school, the Transportation Office, or the Exceptional Children’s Office.

My Contacts:
In case of the following:

  • Change of Address
  • Change of Authorized Person at the bus stop for pick-up
  • Updated Special Equipment
  • Updated Medical

Case Teacher:
Phone #:
Email Address:
Please be sure to complete transportation form and return to the Case Teacher within 3 school days in order to expedite transportation.

Parent Responsibilities:
It is the Parent’s responsibility to:

  • Assist the school by submitting accurate and timely information to be included on the Special Transportation Request Form.
  • Inform the school administrator, bus driver, and safety assistant or any medical condition or behavior, which might affect the student’s safety or the health of the bus.
  • To deliver student’s medication to the school.
  • Provide up-to-date emergency information to the school (Case Manager) and EC Transportation Office. Assure that (the) authorized person that is listed on the form will be at the bus stop, on time, when the child is dropped off.
  • Assure that the student meets the bus at the scheduled time!
  • Inform the Case Manager at your child’s school OF ANY CHANGE of address or telephone number as soon as this information is available.
  • If your child has NOT USED TRANSPORTATION FOR THREE (3) CONSECUTIVE DAYS, transportation will not be provided until you call the EC transportation office to restart services.

Student Responsibilities:
Students are expected to:

  • Follow the rules established by CCS, the bus driver and assistant.
  • Respect the rights of the other student’s.
  • Please be aware bus can arrive 10 minutes prior to the designated pick-up time to 10 minutes after.

Student Behavior:

  • Any behavior, which interferes with the safe transportation of students for whom bus transportation is provided, may result returning student back to school and /or suspension.
  • Bus drivers and assistants are to use the Bus Incident Report form to refer inappropriate behavior to school administrators and when applicable, administrators are to follow a progressive discipline procedure.

General Information:

  • Do all Exceptional Children ride on Special Buses? Special Transportation will be provided to students who need it because of their disability or the location of their program. Otherwise, they will walk to school or ride the regular bus.
  • When will my child’s transportation start? Every effort is made to arrange a bus as quickly as possible (a minimum of 5-7 working days).
  • If I move, will my child ride the same bus? An address change may result in a bus change. Parents should contact the Case Manager. Bus route changes may take up to 5-7 working days.
  • What if my child’s needs change? If your child requires special equipment or a wheelchair, a bus change may be necessary.
Published by Shonda Virgil on August 29, 2018

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