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Question: What is an IEP?  

Answer: An IEP is an “Individualized Education Program”. The IEP contains information about a child’s present level of performance, annual goals, special education and related services, participation in activities with non-disabled children, participation in state and district-wide test, how services will be provided, transition services needed, and how the child’s progress will be measured.  

Question: What is an IFSP?

Answer: An IFSP is an “Individualized Family Service Plan). This plan includes a statement of the needs of the child and the family, and a plan for meeting these needs. IFSPs are written for children from birth to age 3, who may be experiencing developmental delays.

Question: Why is an assessment of my child needed?  

Answer: An assessment is done to gather information about your child. It evaluates what your child has done in the past, what his or her current behaviors are, and attempts to predict future behaviors. A thorough assessment includes reviews of records, observations of your child, interviews with significant people, results of standardized tests, and other special procedures.

Question: Who will do the assessment?  

Answer: School personnel will complete the assessment. The school nurse may do a vision and hearing screening on your child, if one hasn’t already been done. The school psychologist may perform standardized tests to see how your child is functioning in particular areas of development, or in a specific curriculum area.  

Question: Will I find out the results?  

Answer: All results will be shared with you. In fact, the assessments cannot be completed without your written permission.  

Question: What do these test results mean?  

Answer: The test results will be interpreted to you by someone who will be able to answer any of your questions. Please feel free to contact school personnel to express your concerns if your questions about testing results are not answered to your satisfaction.  

Question: How can I learn more about my child’s special needs?  

Answer: The professionals working with your child will be able to provide you with a great deal of information regarding your child’s needs. You are also welcome to contact our EC office (678.2440) for additional information and community resources, which may be helpful to you.

Question: What can I expect in the future concerning my child?  

Answer: The answer to this question varies from child to child according to his or her needs. Specific information about your child can be gained through his or her teachers or the Instructional Specialist for that Area.


Published by Shonda Virgil on June 28, 2018

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